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Hi! I am Oshawanna White Eagle, a descendant of the oldest known Native tribe of the Big Bend in Texas called the Bidais; a lost Hebrew of Israel called the "Tribe of Judah". It was only when I was at a crossroad in my own life & my own health was failing that I began my "spiritual journey". My journey began when I was spiritually led to Medicine Man Mark White Eagle; and my life has never been the same since. Due to my health condition I suffered from excruciating pain and was on morphine, hydrocodone, neurontin, and even smoked a pack of cigarettes a day. After a week of detoxifying herbal baths, prayer & meditation as well as "spiritual clearings" & energy work from Medicine Man White Eagle, my body began to come back to life. My body was so clean that I was able to stop all medications & tobacco with only mild side affects & without tobacco cravings. I was then told I had to come "FULL CIRCLE" and now heal my inner spirit of what created my sickness in my physical body. That is where my journey in the Big Bend of Texas began where I visited the sacred sites of my ancestors. It is where Mother Earth released her many secrets as well as my ancestors shared their ancient teachings & wisdom with me. It is where my world became magical & where words cannot bring explanation. As I was given a "new life", it is now a part of my ongoing spiritual journey that I must share & bring healing to others.

I have another passion which is a "grassroots movement" on how we can change this world. Please visit:

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